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Pillar I - Partner


Pillar I

Partner for relationship and trust

As we seek to provide a holistic approach to the unique issues facing immigrants, undocumented or otherwise, we recognize that these people often operate at the fringes of society. Thus, the Jubilee Institute actively engages in outreach in various ways. Just as the church is made up of individuals with a wide variety of natural and spiritual gifts, so too is the Jubilee.  The goal here is simple – mobilize churches to work together to further the kingdom. Accordingly, the Jubilee primarily focuses its efforts on local Hispanic churches and working through them, rather than specific individuals or groups.

Sometimes this involves construction projects where the churches partner with people and financial resources. Other times, this may involve medical outreach and bringing free medical care to those who do not have ready access in conjunction with sharing the gospel.  Where the partnership gets really kingdom-oriented is when the Hispanic churches partner and participate in ministries unrelated to their church. In other words, churches from both sides of the proverbial tracks are working together to advance the kingdom of God.

As mentioned above, one of the core values of this ministry is to INVOLVE and MOBILIZE people from local churches. Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit gifts the Body of Christ with a wide variety of gifts and passions.