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Pillar III - counsel


Pillar III

Counsel to give hope for tomorrow

Pillar III of the Jubilee Institute includes the opening of Immigrant Hope – Sandhills in the Summer of 2022. Immigrant Hope is a ministry originally launched by the EFCA to provide immigrants with

(1) the HOPE of the gospel
(2) HELP finding a pathway to legal residency 
(3) a HOME in a church that cares for their needs.

At its core, Immigrant Hope – Sandhills is about meeting a basic need in the community. 

Essentially, Immigrant Hope – Sandhills provides honest, gospel-centered advice for immigrants, regardless of their background. The immigration laws in America are a morass of confusing and conflicting rules that have built-in delays and roadblocks. Regardless of the country or origin, a simple immigration application can take decades to complete and tens of thousands of dollars. And if a mistake is made at any point in the journey, the process may have to be started over from the beginning.

Immigrant Hope allows men and women who have completed a minimum of forty (40) hours of immigration law training, coupled with shadowing an immigration attorney or other non-profit organization serving the immigration community, to advocate on behalf of immigrants regarding their immigrant status and rights. While legally it may not be possible to assist every immigrant that seeks advice and counsel, Immigrant Hope will offer the HOPE of the Gospel to every person seeking help and that HOPE is available without limitations.

To learn more about Immigrant Hope – Sandhills and the services they offer or to learn about volunteer opportunities, visit: ihsandhills.org or call 910.556.1326.


Contact Info:
Physical address:
6481 US Hwy 1 North
Southern Pines, NC 28387
Mailing address:
PO Box 441
Vass, NC 28394
Telephone number: 910-756-1490
E: ihsandhills@gmail.com


Do I need to be a lawyer to get involved?
No. While there will be lawyers actively involved with Immigrant Hope – Sandhills, the government is allowing non-lawyers, who complete the requested training and become recognized as accredited representatives, to act as non-lawyer advocates on behalf of immigrants before the Department of Justice.

What if I can't take time away to complete the training? Can I still be involved?
Yes. There are several administrative-type tasks that will need to be filled at Immigrant Hope – Sandhills, which include: filing, answering the telephone, completing telephone intake forms, interviewing individuals, research, translating services, potential childcare, teaching classes, etc. Additionally, we can always use prayer as we navigate this new ministry for all of those involved and for everyone, we hope to assist through Immigrant Hope – Sandhills.

Where is Immigrant Hope – Sandhills located?
It is in the Vass Presbyterian Church Sunday School building at 310 Main St., Vass, NC 28394.

Where can I get the 40 hours of immigration training?
There are several training courses offered each year by Immigrant Pathway Institute (through Immigrant Hope’s home office in Minneapolis, MN). Talk to Tamara Fore, Executive Director, 910.556.1326, for additional information on this training or visit the Immigrant Hope website at www.immigranthope.org and click on the training button.

How can I learn more about Immigrant Hope?
Here is a link to the Immigrant Hope website:
Immigrant Hope is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA), created to further the EFCA mission of “multiplying transformational churches among all people.”
Immigrant Hope is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and will guide our center in the Sandhills.

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