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Pillar II - Teach


Pillar II

Teach to equip and grow

For years, American churches have sent out teaching teams to provide theological training to pastors in other parts of the world that do not have ready access to advanced training and education. Why send teams around the world, but not provide the same training locally? 
The answer to that question goes to the heart of Pillar II. Rather than attempting to absorb Hispanic churches that are unique and special into already existing non-Hispanic churches, the goal is to equip and train pastors and leaders to help them realize the special mission the Lord has for them.

Using material from IBAC, or “Institutos Bíblicos de América Central (Biblical Institute of Central America),” in conjunction with customized leadership training, local area Hispanic pastors and leaders are better equipped to lead their churches. The details of the IBAC material have been modified and improved over the years. Around the world, the current concept is to bring biblical/theological/pastoral training to a specific location and, over the course of 7 years, teach 14-15 courses. However, because the training is now provided locally, it can be taught in half the time.
The IBAC curriculum used for Pillar II has been primarily developed by Dr. Jim Wilson (ThM., 1986; DMin., 2001 – Dallas Theological Seminary). Dr. Wilson’s passion is to mobilize the U.S. Church to reach the nations and equip international brothers and sisters in Christ to rightly handle the word of truth. Bringing this material and providing it locally in the Sandhills has Dr. Wilson’s full support and the Jubilee Institute expects that sometime in the near future he will be able to come visit and participate in the teaching.

Pillar 2 is a much-needed ministry as even in America, many pastors and church leaders in Hispanic churches have not had the opportunity to receive more than a high school education. The goal of the Jubilee Institute is to provide these men and women with high-level, biblically faithful education, and ministry and leadership training, free-of-charge. Many pastors and leaders are bi-vocational, so pursuing a full-time theological education would be difficult for them, even if the opportunity were available from a time and money perspective.